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Full Service Fencing Company in St. Marys GA

Masters Fencing is a full-service fencing company, proudly established in Saint Marys, GA serving customers in Camden County. With each Masters Fencing installation you become the #1 priority, receiving dependable quality and service. Masters Fencing prides itself on being a family owned and operated business that helps our customers improve the security, use and beauty of their property.
With a dedication to excellence, we will confidently handle all types of fence projects with complex and stringent requirements. We are committed to guiding you through the design, safety, construction, maintenance and warrantee information of your project.
Backed by our competitive pricing, experience, detailed workmanship, high standard of work ethic and customer service, Masters Fencing is unrivaled!
Personalized Approach
At Masters Fencing we are happy to provide you with custom solutions for your fencing needs. We offer a wide  variety of options and we will help to make your dream yard a reality. We include our clients throughout the entire installation process ensuring that your vision for the project is accomplished.

Excellence and Professionalism 
At Masters Fencing we take great pride and joy in our work, paying special attention to even the smallest of details on each and every job. Our attentive customer service and personal communication style makes us easy to work with. We strive to exceed the industry standards for quality and technique, while ensuring that we satisfy every need and expectation for your Masters Fencing experience.

Licensed and Insured

At Masters Fencing you have peace of mind that we are licensed and insured as part of our dedication to excellence.

Cutting Plywood Panels
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